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We consider what safety means

and looks like for each person, and we foster it as much as possible.

We collectively create and hold a supportive space.

We build support into the way

we work through mutual care and dedicated provisions and resources, such as peer support, reflective spaces, supervision, and creative outlets.

We make sure people can contribute in different ways and to varying extents so that they can choose what feels safe and adjust their involvement according to their capacity.

We place safety above anything else.

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Safe & Supported

We acknowledge our limitations in creating and maintaining safety, and we work sensitively within our constraints.

We agree on a dispute protocol and we use an active listening and learning approach.

We establish individual distress protocols where appropriate and we follow people's preferred ways of being supported.

We take care to ensure the physical environment we work in feels comfortable and comforting.

Please remember that these principles capture what we strive to achieve, but we are imperfect messy humans who struggle, get tired, do mistakes, and are often constricted by the parameters of the systems and structures we operate within.

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