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We ensure that our research is purpose-driven and that it translates into better outcomes for survivors.

We welcome, connect with, and learn from activist work that differs from our own but is centred on similar values.

We are intentional and strategic about using our work to influence broader societal change.

We engage in an open and receptive dialogue about accounts of harm or oppression within our work and we support one another to make reparations.

We act to dismantle oppression

and we proactively reach, platform,

and amplify the voices of people who have been excluded, marginalised,

under-represented, or silenced.

We are committed to conducting work that is the opposite of abuse in every way.

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Activist & Reparatory

Please remember that these principles capture what we strive to achieve, but we are imperfect messy humans who struggle, get tired, do mistakes, and are often constricted by the parameters of the systems and structures we operate within.

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