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We conduct research that is additive rather than extractive, where people feel valued and findings have tangible impacts.

We establish processes of accountability to the survivor community and we ensure that our research contributes to the work and goals of our community.

We conduct research collaboratively or in partnership with, not on or about people.

We collectively agree on the purpose and use of the research.

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Accountable & Non Co-opting

We define mechanisms to ensure the upholding of our values.

We credit people's contributions in the way they choose.

We listen to people's lived experiences without enforcing our own frameworks of understandings onto them and their lives.

We acknowledge harm when it has been caused and we seek to make reparations.

Please remember that these principles capture what we strive to achieve, but we are imperfect messy humans who struggle, get tired, do mistakes, and are often constricted by the parameters of the systems and structures we operate within.

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